Serendip-A-Tea – Scintillating, Spry & Special!




I was pleasantly surprised by how splendid Serendip-a-Tea was. It may be hidden and not as popular as its neighbor, Hole in the Wall, but it is not to be disregarded. The place is quirky and distinctive. In addition to its heartwarming display of art/decorations and unique teacups, it provides excellent, personalized service. It serves a variety of teas, sandwiches, and sweets – I must say, everything I had was delicious and made-to-order.






I’m a lover of tea, hidden gems, and overall thoughtfulness – this adorable spot is all of those things and more. I happened upon it by chance. I was at Baptist Hospital with my Mom and we wanted to have lunch in the area. I spotted it on Yelp (I was thrilled that it was only a mile away!) and I am grateful I did. We had a delightful lunch!






I was thoroughly thrilled to be in the presence of the cozy and welcoming environment Serendip-a-Tea presented me with. There was so much to look at, try, and explore. I loved all of the art/decorations. Even the bathroom was fascinating – art occupied the walls, and captivating knickknacks were spread about.





Women’s Restroom Door




I struggled with selecting a tea, since there are so many available! I ended up drinking one that the server recommended. It was unlike any tea I have ever had before. Since I am an avid green tea drinker, I had the coconut almond green tea. It was the perfect blend of sweet and nutty. The medium pot worked well for two people (my Mom and I each had 3 cups).



Check out the royal teacup!


For lunch, the Lil Bite Sampler seemed like a no brainer. I always say that I am the type of person who would prefer eating small portions of multiple dishes (like tapas or appetizers) rather than eating one giant meal. There were several lil bites that caught my eye, so the sampler was definitely the way to go.


Lil Bite Sampler (Chicken Salad, Salmon, Wasabi Eggs, and Fig Delight)


They were all delicious and fresh. The egg salad had literally JUST been made! I methodically planned out the order in which I would eat my lil bites. I first had the Chicken Salad, then the Wasabi Eggs, then the Salmon, and last the Fig Delight (I treated this one as my dessert). If I absolutely had to choose a favorite, it would be the Fig Delight – I adore figs.


I would go back to the charming Serendip-a-Tea in a heartbeat. I highly recommend it!


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