Ariana Grande Sweetener World Tour – Miami, FL June 1st Concert Review

For a closer look at how I achieved my 7 Rings inspired look & footage from the concert, checkout my video on YouTube:

No doubt the Ariana Grande concerts this past weekend were THE place to be (Ariana knew it too – that is why she gave us 2 shows!). I am beyond grateful that I was able to do be in attendance at one of her shows. I had been looking forward to it and now that it has come and gone, I am still honestly on a high from the experience.

For my look I utilized the silver corset I used a couple of years ago for halloween when I an alien, along with a white skort (I thought it was very Ari) I bought years ago at a boutique. I wanted to be comfy, so I sported my new white Doc Martens. For my hair, I ordered $10 pink extensions from Amazon and cut and pinned a beaded chain from Michael’s to my buns.

I have not been to a concert since 2015 (I could not believe it has been this long) and that was when Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour came to Miami. I am a firm believer in experiencing live music as much as possible. It is truly disheartening that we must carry the fear of attack with us because of the state of the world we are currently living in (great idea in making transparent bags mandatory for the Sweetener World Tour).

I ubered over to the AmericanAirlines Arena with some friends and my sister. My friends had floor seats and my sister and I had seats in the first row of the 3rd level. I loved that I was able to sit the whole time since there was no one in front of me (although, there was a chick next to me that stood the whole time. She was obviously a big fan who wanted to dance along to all of the songs).

Going to Ariana Grande’s Sweetener concert was such an incredible experience that I will carry with me forever. It is a memory I will always cherish just like how I look back and smile at the time I saw Taylor Swift perform with my sister or when I saw Fleetwood Mac with my family or even my first concert, which was Madonna. I like to think that when you go to a concert with someone, it strengthens your relationship with him or her. I hate to get all mushy but there is no one I would have rather seen Ariana with than my sister. We danced, sang along, and vibed throughout all of her songs.

It is a tradition for me to purchase an overpriced t-shirt at the concerts I attend, so this time was no different. My sister and I selected the shirt we liked best, stood in line, and bought them. The guy in front of us told us that they were actually cheaper the day before.

OK, so the stage – it was… interesting stage. I will let you all come up with what you think it resembles. Although, I will say that it is fitting considering Ariana’s female empowerment and God is a Woman theme.

Normani (from Fifth Harmony) was the opening act and she did an amazing job. She looked incredible in her formfitting costume and without a doubt sang her heart out to some hits.

Now on to Ari’s performance! She killed it. I have read reviews saying she is not much of a dancer but I mean, we already knew that. I am not much of a dancer, so I cannot judge. I applaud her for doing what she did; she still danced and put on a great show! I am not sure how she did it (so shortly after a severe allergic reaction) in those sky-high heels and signature high ponytail (I can just imagine the headaches she must get). Her diverse dancers deserve recognition for the work they put in, as well.

Ariana’s vocals were on point, as always. It is what she is known for and she did not disappoint. I loved all of her costumes; they were flattering and very Ari!

There was an adorable part in the show when they showed a childhood video of Ariana (I’m sure this was done to give Ari and the dancers time to change).

My favorite part of the show was Ari’s song NASA (also my favorite song from her Thank U, Next album). I absolutely loved the set for this song (the moon and the lights, oh-my-gosh).

I have never stayed for an encore (mainly to avoid the rush of people), but this time, I stayed. I stayed because I knew I would regret not seeing Ari perform thank u, next. The performance was lovely (duh) and I, of course, do not regret staying. Towards the end of the song, Ari and her dancers marched around the stage with rainbow flags while confetti flew all over. Ari is a clear advocate for the LGBT community and it showed.

Full list of songs performed:

1. raindrops (an angel cried)
2. God is a woman
3. bad idea
4. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored
5. R.E.M.
6. be alright
7. sweetener
8. successful
9. Side to Side
10. bloodline
11. 7 rings
12. Love Me Harder
13. breathin’
14. needy
15. fake smile
16. make up
17. Right There
18. You’ll Never Know
19. Break Your Heart Right Back
20. NASA
21. goodnight ‘n go
22. in my head (Interlude)
23. everytime
24. One Last Time
25. the light is coming
26. Into You
27. Dangerous Woman
28. Break Free
29. no tears left to cry
30. thank u, next (encore)

As for if I think Saturday’s show was better than Friday’s, I am not sure. Although, I did hear that while Ariana jumped into the pit on Saturday, she did not do so on Friday.


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