Wharf Around the World

On Sunday June 2nd I participated in Wharf Around the World with some friends. I felt like I somehow ended up at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival without having to drive the four hours.

Upon arrival we received a festival passport, which included an area to stamp countries we purchased something at, a map, and a list of the specials. We were so overwhelmed with all the food and drink specials that it was hard to choose what we wanted first. We decided to have a Moscow Mule in the American section, which was the main bar (I know, so basic) – to our defense, it was $10 and made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

After that, we split two pitchers of Mango Mojito with enough sugarcane sticks for all of us!

Before more time was spent in the heat, I made sure to get a photo shoot in my outfit.

After splurging on pizza, guacamole, and doughnuts, we could not resist getting a WHARF-LADA in the Caribbean section. The drink was served in a pineapple with an extra shot of rum and was only $15 (pretty good considering the bartender liberally poured the rum and then added an additional shot).

It is important to note that the France section had some great specials on wine ($5 rosé).

We clearly had a blast! I’m glad we took part in this event. I would definitely do it again.




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