Las Vegas Must Dos – Non-Casino Related Fun & Food I went to Las Vegas for my sister's 21st birthday and thought I'd share some of the fun stuff we did. Last time I visited Sin City was over 10 years ago so safe to say, I had a lot to explore. Mimosa Gourmet To begin with, Mimosa Gourmet is away from the craziness … Continue reading Las Vegas Must Dos – Non-Casino Related Fun & Food


Shoma Bazaar

I went back to the Shoma Bazaar to try some of their other vendors. Last time, I had Ella's Oyster Bar (which was excellent). Before getting into the food, let's talk drinks....I had the Pretty Pebbles, which I did not really care for. The drink was way too sour for my liking. To eat, my … Continue reading Shoma Bazaar