Yard House in Coral Gables

Last night we wanted to go out to eat somewhere where we could walk around and revel in the beauty Miami has to offer. Merrick Park in the Gables is the perfect place to eat, shop and walk around; therefore, that is where we went. For my birthday dinner on March 1st we went to Sawa (also located in Merrick Park), so it was only fair that Yard House got its time in the spotlight.

Walking around before dinner

Yard House prides itself with having the world’s largest selection of draft beer. Upon walking in, this seemed pretty accurate. I have NEVER seen more draft beers in one singular place.

For our Sunday family dinner we decided to give the Yard House in Merrick Park a try. We went hungry and left satisfied & severely stuffed.

We went early (6ish) and the service was good (I saw several negative reviews on Yelp regarding their service). I must also point out that their music was great; not many places still play classic rock.

To drink, I obviously had to have a beer. I wanted to try something different since I usually go for a Guinness (if available on draft, of course). The waiter recommended the Porter and I loved it. It was dark and malty just how I like it. I cannot locate it on the menu but here check out what beers are available before your visit.


We went back and forth on what to get for appetizer and eventually decided on the Poke Nachos. I was immediately sold upon glancing at pictures on Yelp. We might’ve set a record for how fast we devoured them.

Poke Nachos

The only reason it was easy for me to decide on what to eat for dinner was because of the amazing pictures on Yelp. The menu is filled with choices – indecisive people beware! I knew from the pictures and the positive reviews that I needed to try the Nashville Hot Chicken. Not a fan of spicy food? That’s okay. It really wasn’t that spicy. The ranch dressing helps but it is not necessary. I LOVED the sweet potato pancakes (they were so sweet that the syrup was not needed). The dish was massive; I got to take half of it home for breakfast (that’s right, breakfast).

Nashville Hot Chicken

On Yelp, one of the most popular dishes displayed for Yard House was the Grilled Cheese & Tomato Bisque. It was right up my sister’s alley; therefore, that is what she ordered. She ate a half of the sandwich and got a bit too grossed out to finish the rest. My Mom ate the same thing I did because well, it looked really darn good. My Dad had the Skirt Steak Arrachera and loved it. I tasted the dish and it was quite good. The steak was cooked well and had good flavor. Also, the guajillo sauce was divine and so was the corn.

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Bisque
Skirt Steak Arrachera

I was way too stuffed for dessert (hello, I could not even finish my dish) but my sister had a Mini Chocolate Soufflé Cake and seemed to enjoy it (I believe it took her 3 seconds to inhale it). By the way, when they say mini it is in fact very small.

Overall we had an excellent dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed our family time at Yard House.




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