Sawa Restaurant & Lounge – Perfect for Special Occasions!

The unique Sawa Restaurant & Lounge is located in the beautiful Shops at Merrick Park. The eatery offers a contemporary Mediterranean and Japanese dual-concept menu, along with seating inside and outside.

What I find fascinating about Sawa is that it is NOT a fusion restaurant. I love fusion restaurants, but it is refreshing to see a restaurant excel at different concepts independently.

I struggled with where to eat for my birthday. Although February 29th is nonexistent this year, I still had March 1st! I could not complain this year; I got the whole weekend to celebrate my 23rd. My Mom found Sawa, a highly reviewed and rated restaurant, and made a reservation at 9PM for my birthday. I was excited to see and experience what all the hype was about.

I constantly rave about how February/March weather is amazing in Florida. This March 1st was no different. We opted to sit outside where there was a nice breeze and I do not regret it!

Some reviewers on Yelp stated that the inside was not appealing. I beg to differ. I went inside to go to the restroom and found the inside adorable and very Mediterranean (I love the lights!). It was obviously a more popular choice to sit outside, because the inside was empty.

To drink, I had the Sawa Kiss Martini. I found it rather strong but still somehow very sweet. The strong part I do not mind as much as the sweetness. I believe the rim of the glass was lined with sugar. Next time, I will stick to a Moscow Mule!

Sawa Kiss Martini

To start off, we were brought complimentary pita chips with a tomato pesto spread. I loved it! They were quite addicting…I am totally behind this concept (you know, rather than the classic bread and butter).

Pita Chips & Tomato Pesto Spread

For our starter, we ordered the Mediterranean Sampler and it was a hit. We devoured every last bit of it. When I went to Greece, I fell in love with the food. Eating at Sawa reminded me of how I should incorporate more Mediterranean food in my diet (it is healthy and delicious). ***Not pictured: warm & fresh pita bread.

Mediterranean Sampler – hummus, baba ganough, grape leaves, tabouli, feta cheese, cucumber, carrots, kalamata olives, warm pita

For dinner we shared multiples dishes, as that is my favorite thing to do! I love tasting different things, rather than eating one large dish. Since we are sushi fanatics, we decided to try two of their famous roles (Volcano & Kamikaze Tempura). In addition, we also had the Short Rib Patata Brava (also a popular dish on Yelp).

Volcano (mixed seafood, california roll, spicy mayo, eel sauce, masago tempura) & Kamikaze Tempura (saku tuna, avocado, masago, spicy mayo, eel sauce)
Short Rib Patata Brava (braissed shredded short rib, fried crushed potato, spicy brava)

After dinner, we saw a lovely belly dancing show. The woman was really talented. Check out it out in my Birthday Vlog on YouTube:

For my birthday dessert, I was brought the Sweet & Sinful Chocolate Soufflé with Pistachio ice cream. I saw a picture of this dessert on Yelp and I knew that it was the one I wanted. The Soufflé was not as molten as I like it, but it was still good. I liked the touch of pistachio ice cream, rather than just plain vanilla.

Sweet & Sinful Chocolate Soufflé with Pistachio Ice Cream

More content coming soon! I hope you enjoyed this review.

Happy Pisces Season!




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