Amelia’s 1931 – Retro Cuban/Peruvian/Korean Fusion

Since I love Finka Table & Tap, I decided to give Amelia’s 1931 a shot for International Women’s Day– that’s right, treat yo’ self! Well, actually….My Dad graciously decided to treat his ladies for International Women’s Day.

Amelia’s 1931 offers an old-fashioned Cuban diner with counter service and Cuban/Peruvian/Korean fusion dishes. The place is adorable; it had me feeling like I was starring in a Cuban film set in the 30s.

Quote from Chef & Owner, Eileen Andrade (granddaughter of founders of Islas Canarias Restaurants and owner of Finka Table & Tap): “My grandmother, Amelia, was known for her counter service and delicious cafecitos at my grandfather’s restaurants in Cuba and Miami. Amelia’s 1931 is a cozy Cuban diner with counter service, craft beers, special Cuban dishes.

For appetizer, Malanga Tots (w/ Vaca Frita, Fried Garlic, & Salsa Huancaina) were the dish of choice. So delicious, it was devoured before even the thought of taking a picture was had.

For dinner I had General Tsao Alligator Fried Rice. It was sweet and went down well– although, I am still partial to the Kimchi Fried Rice at Finka.

General Tsao Alligator Fried Rice: Pineapple / Red Peppers / Scallions / Frijol Chino

My sister had the Vermicelli Noodle Bowl and was not much of fan, mainly because it was not what she expected. The waiter kindly removed it from the bill.

Vermicelli Noodle Bowl: Shrimp / Peanuts / Cilantro / Bean Sprouts / Watermelon Radish / Asian Vinaigrette

My parents had the famous Korean Style Frita. They enjoyed it, but were not wowed. I would say, more of a lunch dish.


Korean Style Frita:
Shoestring Fries / Huacatay & Korean BBQ Mayo / Fried Maduros / 
Truffled Potato Wedges


All in all, I would recommend Amelia’s 1931. I enjoyed the experience, along with the food and ambiance. I still prefer Finka, though. Next time, I will make sure to save room for dessert!


Location: 13695 SW 26th St, Miami, FL 33175

Instagram: @amelias1931

Facebook: @Amelias1931


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