Shibui Japanese Restaurant in Miami

Shibui Japanese Restaurant is a family-run eatery specializing in creative maki rolls & sushi. I know it as the sushi place where you dine while sitting on pillows on the floor.

In my youth (haha, I’m almost 23), I used to go to this sushi spot a lot. Before last week, I hadn’t been to Shibui in a while. We decided to go back to celebrate some good news. For the record, we hadn’t been in a while not because we no longer liked it but rather that it was simply more convenient to visit sushi places closer to us.

We went during the week, so there was no wait (on the weekend, I’m sure there still is one). Once I saw the cozy little table and pillows, a rush of memories flooded my mind. I remembered all the times I devoured sushi here and laughed with family and friends. My parents on the other hand, immediately exclaimed how it used to be so much easier to sit on the floor and well, get up from the floor. I must warn tall, inflexible people that your legs will need to be crunched up to fit.

To drink, I opted to have my alcoholic beverage for the week (who am I kidding) since we were celebrating! In case you are wondering, we were celebrating my Mom’s PET scan coming back clear, along with her not having to do radiation.

Kawaba Snow Whizen

For appetizer we quickly consumed a Cuke Crab Roll, along with a large Tuna Tataki. After our appetizers arrived, we realized why we like the Tuna Tataki at Suski Ko so much more (the large at Sushi Ko is significantly larger). If interested, I wrote a blog post on Sushi Ko as well.

Tuna Tataki & Cuke Crab Roll

Shibui’s large selection of sushi rolls made the decision of selecting which ones we wanted to order a challenging task. We remembered some we had ordered previously and liked and the waitress also shared her recommendations. After careful though, we agreed on the Macarena Crunchy Roll (crabmeat, avocado, carrots, & spicy mayo deep fried), the Top Roll (tuna, salmon, white fillet of fish, crabmeat, masago, avocado & scallions), the Spicy Crunchy Dragon Roll (shrimp tempura, crabmeat, mayo, cucumber, a thin layer of avocado on top, tempura flakes & spicy mayo), and the Caliente Roll (cooked white fish, spicy Caliente sauce & lettuce).

All the rolls were great. I find Shibui’s sushi rolls to be more classic and less showy. From looking at the menu, you will also notice that their prices are pretty affordable.

Macarena Crunchy Roll
Spicy Crunchy Dragon Roll (Top Left), Caliente Roll (Top Right), Top Roll (Bottom)

We weren’t full just yet, so we said YES to dessert. I saw red bean ice cream and just like that I forgot that I’m lactose intolerant. I say, it was worth it(; The rest of the family had fried cheesecake and they were also not disappointed.

Fried Cheesecake & Azuki Bean Ice Cream

I’m glad I went back to Shibui. It has always been one of my favorite sushi spots in Miami. It has a great environment and excellent rolls.


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