MIA Beer Company – Beer & Burgers!

I hadn’t been to the MIA Beer Company since around the the time it opened years ago. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of beer and food options. I went on a Saturday night, and it wasn’t too crowded. It was lively without it being impossible to find a table.

MIA Beer Company, unlike other breweries in the area, had a larger selection of ales and stouts, which I was happy about. The waitress brought out samples of my choosing to make the decision process easier. I ultimately decided on the Crimin Ale (pre-prohibition amber-style ale originally brewed in Louisville, KY).

For appetizer, the Chicken Nachos were selected and devoured. The locally made corn tortilla chips were a game-changer! I was pretty full after having these…

For dinner, I had to go with the Guavantor Burger + Sweet Potato Fries. It was good, but I was pretty full from the nachos. I ended up taking the burger off of the bread and eating it that way. The sweet potato fries were excellent the next day.

My sister had the steak tacos and enjoyed them. Tacos were served on locally sourced corn tortillas.

I would definitely come back to the MIA Beer Company!



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