Stranger Things Watch Party

As you may already know, I love themes and planning events/outfits around them. In honor of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2, I held a small watch party and wanted to share what I did.

The main decoration was a throwback to Season 1. I found the lights on Amazon (I earn commissions from Amazon products linked) and used leftover letters I had from my school days.

For clothing, I made us DIY Hellfire Club shirts with transfer paper and $5 shirts from Target.

Who doesn’t love stickers? I got a pack of 50 Stranger Things stickers from Amazon for us to share.

I also found a 12-pack of Stranger Things Sour Patch Kids that I had to purchase for the occasion.

The watch party would not have been complete without Stranger Things themed fun stuff!

Now, for food and drinks. You can’t watch something without yummy eats and drinks!

To drink, a themed berry cocktail and pack of ‘Stranger Flings’ from Spanish Marie were on the menu. The night before, I actually went to a Stranger Things event at Spanish Marie (scroll down for pictures).

For food I made gluten-free fried chicken strips and served it with Eggo waffles. For dessert, we had layered rainbow jello.

I think the Stranger Things watch party was a success and fairly easy to execute!

Until next time,



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