Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market in Coconut Grove

My parents went last weekend to the farmer’s market in Coconut Grove and came home raving about what they saw and ate. I went this weekend to see what the hype was all about (and of course to eat some yummy vegan eats). The market is small but packed with goodies. Meat lovers trust me – there are things you can enjoy and it is a good opportunity to give vegan dishes a try.

At the farmer’s market you will find a variety of juices and drinks, pho, veggie spring rolls, Mediterranean food, apparel, jewelry, fruits, vegetables, salads, spices, honey, teas, vegan burgers, vegan desserts, CBD oil, and more. All of the sellers are friendly and accommodating. Samples are given out liberally, therefore you can pretty much try whatever catches your attention.

After devouring several samples, I consumed two veggie spring rolls and drank a pineapple lemon ginger juice. Later on, when I was back home, I hit the hummus and pita we purchased and it was awesome. I also got some tea that I am savoring as I write this post – it has a rather nice mix of ingredients (spearmint, orange peel, cinnamon, raspberry leaf, lemongrass, rosehips, and peppermint). I went back to the farmer’s market again the following Saturday and ordered the popular vegan burger and it was the BEST vegan burger I have ever had – the bread was perfect, the sauce was delicious, and the patty was a delectable color and mix.

We brought home a patch of leeks that we bought at the market (they were grown without dirt). We tried a variety of the plants the stand had (including dill, radish, and cilantro) and they were all excellent – I felt like a bunny munching on all that green.

If you are on the lookout for a deal on reputable CBD oil look no further. There is a Physicians Preferred stand at the market that offers a variety of CBD oils for less money than what it goes for online (bring cash). I used some of the CBD oil instead of Advil for menstrual cramps and it worked wonders.

Since I take a selfie pretty much everywhere I go here is a selfie of me at the farmer’s market (I was glowing from how happy I was to be there):

I cannot wait to go to the farmer’s market in Coconut Grove again!



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