DIY Sailor Moon Cosplay

Guinness filled in as my Luna

This Halloween I dressed up as Sailor Moon. I documented the process in a series of videos shared below:

The costume was not difficult, but it did take several little steps. The costume itself was purchased from AliExpress for $13. The boots and wig were each around $30 from Amazon (both great quality and totally worth it). The tiara was $14 on Amazon (the one that came with the costume was not flattering) and the moon earrings were $5 on Amazon (if you have the time, these can totally be made).

I made the wand with clay and then painted over it. The brooch, choker, and bun shields I also made, as well as the crescent moon detailing on the boots. This costume also taught me how to fix gloves (they were way too big). And if you don’t know, turn them inside out and sew then that way.

Until next time,



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