Halloween Looks I Covered This Season

Alice in Wonderland

A regular or a spooky version of Alice can be done! Doesn’t my cat make a great Cheshire Cat?

Ariana Grande – Positions

This is extremely hot and relevant right now! And….hello, who doesn’t want an excuse to dress like Ari in this video.

Mommy Dearest

I made this costume up, because I loved the evil baby prop! I also never miss an opportunity to dress like my favorite time period for style.


I LOVE dressing like a witch for obvious reasons – *cough, cough* I am actually a witch.

Misa Amane

I got really obsessed with Death Note recently, therefor I could not pass up an opportunity to channel Misa Misa.

Funky Wig

I never thought I could pull off a red wig, but I did it! And yes, guys, you can revolve your costume around a funky wig.

Hermione/Hogwarts Student

I dressed as Hermione for Megacon, so I already had the fit ready (I’m also constantly buying Harry Potter merch)!

Taylor Swift (Folklore Edition)

This is incredibly easy (and comfy) if done with the Folklore cardigan from her site.

BB22 Contestant

This is super current with the BB22 All-Stars season coming to an end a couple days before Halloween.

Sailor Moon!!!

I am not giving you the full look on this just yet. There will be a blog post soon containing everything I did to get this costume ready.


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