DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Ok, so..this is how it STARTED. I got some stuff at the Dollar Tree and JOANN Fabrics & Crafts just for kicks. Then, it evolved into this whole Halloween “experience”.

Hocus Pocus Area

I bought black card stock and used it to make these spooky letters.

Unearthly Picture Area

Flower Centerpiece

I got the flowers and vase from the Dollar Tree (tablecloth from JOANN).

Spray Painted Potions with labels (& candles)

Ghost Dresses

I used chicken wire to form the dresses and then spray painted them white (glow in the dark spray did not work for me).

Kinda obvious…but PUMPKINS!

I also got cheap fake ones from Walmart and spray painted them black.

Bewitching Family Portrait!

My sister drew this and then we printed it out and framed it. The purple cobwebs also added a nice touch.

Babydoll Heads

I do not know what it is with babies, but they are super creepy. You can buy these heads at Home Depot or just rip them off of dolls and make them scary looking.

Harry Potter Bathroom

Not sure about you, but I found The Chamber of Secrets terrifying as a kid…Our bathroom pulls from the Harry Potter universe and adds some other elements to amplify the mood.

Petrifying Posters

Not a poster but it is a door decoration

Fake Bodies

Put your old clothes to use to make these eerie additions to your decorations. You can use a water jug for the head and stuff the clothing as you see fit.

Abandoned Interior

For this, creepy cloths were used for the windows/frames; cobwebs were placed everywhere; mood lighting was utilized; sheets were used to cover the furniture; and a fake body was planted on the couch with a mask.

3D Bats

This was my mom’s favorite part. They are super easy to make. What I did was create a bat stencil and trace it on to the black paper. Then, I cut it out and put the red eyes with red glitter. I easily placed them on the wall with museum putty (used this for the cobwebs, as well).

Skeleton in the Pool

This one was a big hit.

Fake Body in a Cage

We used a dog cage for this. It gives me Hocus Pocus energy!

Halloween Sign Post

It will last a lot longer if you paint on the lettering. We were planning on throwing this old sign post away, so we decided to just tape on the signs.

Ghosts & Tombstone Area

These came with furniture. I shaped them and drew on the eyes to make them look like ghosts.


I used plastic bags for the body and head and then wrapped it with a black tablecloth. They are being held up by a pole we hammered to the ground (make sure whatever you use has a sharp end).

Butcher’s Table

We had some extra stuff, so we decided to make a butcher’s table. You can tell we had a lot of fun with it!

Death Note Inspired Shrine

Dry Ice

This is a really spine-chilling addition to the decorations.

Witchy Book Covers

I found these online, but you can definitely make your own.

Eyeball Flowers

This is easy and looks really cool. Buy cheap flowers from the dollar store (spray paint them if they are not the right color), and hot glue eyeballs in the middle.

Ghoulish Treats

This is Fireball but cranberry juice looks so sick in the syringe!

Happy belated Halloween from my black cat and his chainsaw!


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