I am a Droid Mom!

I recently built a R-Series droid at Droid Depot in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World and wanted to share my thoughts on the experience. For a full visual experience on the process check out my vlog below:

I am so excited to welcome Lux into the family! Also, if you are a cat lover –don’t forget to view the vlog for my cat’s reaction to his new droid sibling.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, I was easily able to secure a reservation at Droid Depot within 30 minutes. I went back in March and this was impossible due to reservations being made far in advance and the walk-in line being ridiculous. The process was painless (besides coughing up $99.99), exciting, and full of the iconic Disney magic. I truly felt like I was in the Star Wars universe every step of the way. First step was picking your parts off of the conveyor belt (you, of course, have to know what colors/style you want to do). Then, you head over to put the pieces together (an attendant will help you do this). Once done, you pick the colors for the details and set-up the droid. Finally, you head out with your droid, instructions, remote, and a cardboard carrying case (very Build a Bear-esque).

I opted not to pay extra for the personality chip or the backpack. Instead, I ordered a pet carrier from Amazon and I am going to decorate it to fit the theme. I’ll make sure to share the finished result here after.

This was my second time at Galaxy’s Edge and it did not disappoint. I still think Rise of the Resistance is the best ride ever made.

Here are some other pictures from my visit:

Cannot wait to go back and take Lux with me!

Until next time,



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