Yumbrella Food Hall

I went to Yumbrella Food Hall on Friday for happy hour with some friends and it was just about one of the only lively places at the quiet and somewhat deserted Sunset Place. I remember back in the day when Sunset Place was the “it” spot – now, other malls in Miami trump this once popular mall.

Our motivation for heading south for our Friday night outing was to try out this new spot, which is one of Miami’s original food halls, and take advantage of their happy hour specials.

The food hall was vibrant with its live music (no joke, there was a DJ spitting out some golden oldies). We enjoyed the music while we sipped on our drink and ate our dinner.

To drink, I had a Moscow Mule (it was on special) but it was, unfortunately, rather strange. It did not taste AT ALL like a Moscow Mule (I has to ask and verify that it was in fact a Moscow Mule) – it tasted more like a margarita, since the drink was heavy on lime and low on ginger beer. It did not help that it did not come in a copper mug.

I struggled with deciding what to eat since the menu was vast. I went with my gut instinct and ordered an Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl. I loved it (especially the unique & very “Miami” touch of adding plantain chips)! There was plenty of tuna and overall, it was satisfying.

I was good and did not have any dessert, but I will let you know that the desserts look glorious. They offer stunning and sinful milkshakes, ice creams, a popular bread pudding, and more.

I would come back to Yumbrella and try out another dish. I love the concept and the service was quick and accommodating.




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