My Dad’s Famous Chocolate Pudding My Dad has spent years perfecting this recipe and let me just tell does not get any better than this! The Goya Maria Cookies are a great touch. I hope you enjoy this treasured family recipe.  Ingredients 1 large can of evaporated milk 1/2 cup of water A little less than 1/4th cup … Continue reading My Dad’s Famous Chocolate Pudding


Serendip-A-Tea – Scintillating, Spry & Special!

    I was pleasantly surprised by how splendid Serendip-a-Tea was. It may be hidden and not as popular as its neighbor, Hole in the Wall, but it is not to be disregarded. The place is quirky and distinctive. In addition to its heartwarming display of art/decorations and unique teacups, it provides excellent, personalized service. … Continue reading Serendip-A-Tea – Scintillating, Spry & Special!