Mr. & Mrs. Bun – Incredible Peruvian Sandwich Restaurant






Mr. & Mrs. Bun has been featured on the Food Network, Telemundo51, Miami New Times and Miami Eater (along with receiving well deserved acclaim on Yelp).




I went to Mr. & Mrs. Bun for the second time today for lunch and it did not disappoint. It was just as good as the first time I went. First time I visited, I had the Asado de Tira (Short Rib) sandwich with horseradish mayonnaise and chimichurri and it was AMAZING. Deciding to try something different this time around was an arduous choice, but since everything on the menu looks/sounds scrumptious, the choice was not impossible.



Asado de Tira (Short Rib) – Braised short rib with horseradish mayonnaise and chimichurri served on their homemade bun.


To begin with, the buns are homemade (who doesn’t love homemade bread?!). All their ingredients (including their mouthwatering sauces) are thoughtfully incorporated in their dishes. Let’s just say, you really have to make an effort not to enjoy your dish.


I had the Pollo Chi Jao Kai and it was delightful and filling. I did wish that the sauce had a sweet tang to it, but I, of course, still enjoyed it. I had a side of corn (I obviously did not need it, but I could not resist) and it was nice and sweet with maple and cumin butter.



Pollo Chi Jao Kai & Maple Cumin Corn

Pollo Chi Jao Kai – Oriental marinade crispy fried chicken thigh with pickled turnip and carrots served on their homemade bun.


My Mom opted to try the Panceta (Pork Belly) En Caja China and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She usually gets the Asado de Tira (Short Rib), but she was content with her choice of trying something new.



Panceta (Pork Belly) En Caja China – Juicy and crunchy pork belly cooked in caja china with fried sweet potato chips and cevichada mayo served on their homemade bun.


I probably never leave a place without going to the restroom (I have a small bladder and I drink A LOT of water), so you can say the appearance of restrooms are important to me. I found the restroom at Mr. & Mrs. Bun really cute – I am slightly obsessed with the mirror!




I am already looking forward to the next time I get to eat at Mr. & Mrs. Bun! Will I be adventurous and try something new? Knowing me, I probably will.


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