Mr. & Mrs. Bun – Incredible Peruvian Sandwich Restaurant

      Mr. & Mrs. Bun has been featured on the Food Network, Telemundo51, Miami New Times and Miami Eater (along with receiving well deserved acclaim on Yelp).     I went to Mr. & Mrs. Bun for the second time today for lunch and it did not disappoint. It was just as good as the … Continue reading Mr. & Mrs. Bun – Incredible Peruvian Sandwich Restaurant


Serendip-A-Tea – Scintillating, Spry & Special!

    I was pleasantly surprised by how splendid Serendip-a-Tea was. It may be hidden and not as popular as its neighbor, Hole in the Wall, but it is not to be disregarded. The place is quirky and distinctive. In addition to its heartwarming display of art/decorations and unique teacups, it provides excellent, personalized service. … Continue reading Serendip-A-Tea – Scintillating, Spry & Special!