Delirio FreshCo

For my mother's birthday I wanted to try a new spot for breakfast/lunch. I was in the mood for something healthy and refreshing, so I sent my mother Delirio FreshCo's menu to see if she would be interested. The variety of healthy options and extensive menu had us all sold. We went around 11PM and … Continue reading Delirio FreshCo

Cocoa Beach – Where to Stay, What to Eat, & What to Do

VLOG: We went to Cocoa Beach with the goal of seeing the SpaceX Falcon 9 Starlink rocket launch. Tickets to see it up close and personal were sold out, so we saw it from Cocoa Beach and the view was honestly amazing. We observed it launch and felt and heard the rumble. While … Continue reading Cocoa Beach – Where to Stay, What to Eat, & What to Do

Serendip-A-Tea – Scintillating, Spry & Special!

    I was pleasantly surprised by how splendid Serendip-a-Tea was. It may be hidden and not as popular as its neighbor, Hole in the Wall, but it is not to be disregarded. The place is quirky and distinctive. In addition to its heartwarming display of art/decorations and unique teacups, it provides excellent, personalized service. … Continue reading Serendip-A-Tea – Scintillating, Spry & Special!

Crackers Casual Dining – Blissful & Booming Brunch

  I have been to Crackers Casual Dining a couple of times now and I always enjoy it. The tropical patio layout, live entertainment, and homey Southern-inspired fare distinguishes it from all the brunch spots in the city. The relaxed atmosphere is popular among locals, understandably so.   We chose Crackers for our Sunday brunch … Continue reading Crackers Casual Dining – Blissful & Booming Brunch