Brunch at Little Hen – Weston, FL

Little Hen has been on my must-go list for some time. I finally went as part of my birthday festivities. I went to the Weston location (this location does not take reservations). I went at 10 a.m. on a Sunday (their most popular day, obviously) and waited a little over 45 minutes to be seated. After 10, the wait got really bad – I witnessed people being told over 2 hours. Safe to say, go early or go another day!

The place is small but well decorated and picturesque. Some areas are better to be seated at than others (like by the flower corner).

To drink, I had a big girl drink – an Espresso Martini! It hit the spot and was a good one if I do say so myself.

My sister had a cappuccino, which was also very pretty.

To eat, I had the Rose Petal Pancakes because well, I saw pictures online and they looked all pretty in pink. I am not a fan of rose flavored food (I know), but they were actually good and not too strong in the rose department.

My sister had the Salmon Benedict and enjoyed it. The salmon was of good quality.

Not only were the food/drinks good, but the place offered multiple picture spots (very important).

This was cute, but next time I want to do their afternoon tea. The setup looks adorable and I am huge fan of tea!

Until next time,



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