BoBaMaN – Pokémon Inspired Boba

I came across BoBaMan completely by accident. I was on my way to a spontaneous visit to the Pegasus and Dragon Statue, because it reminded me of Percy Jackson. Before you say anything – YES, I got into Percy Jackson at a rather late age (better late than never).

Okay, back to what this post is really about – BoBaMan! This place is adorable and super trendy. I loved the inviting environment and the Pokémon inspired decor.

We opted to try the signature specialty drinks because why not?! They looked cute and were named after Pokémon characters.

I had the Jigglypuff (pink drink) and my sister had the Bulbasaur (green drink). We both really loved our drinks and drank them ALL. Mine was a strawberry drink with tapioca balls and crema. My sister’s was a matcha drink with tapioca balls and crema.

I cannot wait to come back here. Maybe next time I will try the food, as well!




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