Utah Winter Wonderland Adventure

I was so excited to see snow again – last time I saw snow was in 2019 – and there was plenty of it to go around in Utah!

We arrived in the beehive state on Christmas and left on New Year’s Eve. Thankfully, we were able to accomplish everything we wanted in those 6 days – skiing, site seeing, eating, and so on.


We stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City, and it was absolutely perfect – great location, comfy, and clean.

Hotel lobby

Within the hotel, there is a restaurant and bar. The bar, at the time, was participating as a Miracle Christmas bar popup. I missed out on the opportunity of going to the Miracle popups back home, so I was beyond thrilled to experience the magic while on vacation. It was a Christmas miracle!


Boomerang’s Bar & Grill

We almost instantly found our go-to bar in Salt Lake. This spot had great cocktails, beers, and food!

Eva’s Bakery

We also instantly found our go-to breakfast spot. Everything we had here was delicious and fresh.

White Horse Spirits & Kitchen

I was drawn to this restaurant because of its name (hello, I am a Swiftie) – but the food, vibe, and cocktails were even better than its catchy name.

Crown Burgers

OH, I could go for one of these just about now. The pastrami burgers are a MUST, trust me. Make sure to put some of their special sauce on it, along with the fries. Shakes are also pretty good and thick.

Zest Kitchen & Bar

This pant-based restaurant was a great spot to stop for a Hot Toddy and yummy vegan eats.

Pie Hole

One of the nights, we decided to stay in and order pizza. Let me just say, the pizza did not disappoint!


I had the rare beef pho with crispy tofu and loved it. It was perfect for a cold, snowy night.

Rare beef pho with tofu

Jinya Ramen Bar

I had the crispy chicken ramen, and it truly hit the spot!

Crispy chicken ramen

Food at Park City

We ventured into Park City twice and had some scrumptious eats/drinks while there.

Temple Square

On our first full day, we explored Temple Square. The area was well manicured, clean, and filled with friendly sisters.

Walking around the city

Here are some pictures I captured while exploring the city. I found Salt Lake to be really clean and safe.


City Creek Center is a nice mall to explore and snap pictures of. There are also some stand-alone shops in the area. I especially enjoyed the Salt Lake City branding in the souvenir store (i.e. SL, UT).

Utah Olympic Park

As an Olympic fanatic, I absolutely loved this. It was fun to walk around and learn about amazing stories of Olympic achievement. I make a point to visit and take plenty of pictures of Olympic games locations. Utah Olympic Park was built for the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

This was especially special to me since the 2022 Winter Olympics are around the corner!

Park City

Went skiing in Park City and it was, of course, a blast! I did surprisingly well for someone who had not skied in a couple of years. I really want to go back when it is not so packed. The amount of people made the wait times longer and the slopes more cluttered.

Bonneville Salt Flats

OK, the Bonneville Salt Flats were unreal. Seeing it in person was like nothing I have ever seen before!

I even wore my special ski suit for the experience. You can find the ski suit here (I do earn a commission from anyone who orders from my link).

Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah is beautifully built and surrounded by picturesque mountains. We decided to go in the afternoon to hide from the cold and to, of course, learn from their exhibits.

Gallivan Center

This urban plaza contains an ice skating rink, as well as art.

Salt Lake City Public Library

This must be one of the nicest libraries I have ever seen. The architecture was stunning. The library was especially popular amongst the homeless since it offers a warm spot for them to relax.

Driving views

Utah is filled with gorgeous views (you will notice we even ventured into Nevada). I would not complain about driving so much if I had pretty mountains to gaze at.

I thoroughly enjoyed our Utah trip. I cannot wait to go on another adventure. You never know, maybe Utah will see me again soon!



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