Roasters ‘N Toasters – A Little Piece of NY in Miami

I had the pleasure of dining at Roasters ‘N Toasters, a contemporary eatery featuring traditional NYC-style dishes, for the first time last week. It is apparently rated the #1 deli in Florida.

Last year, I visited NYC twice (in October & December) and both times I ate at the famous Katz Deli. So, it is safe to say that I feel slightly deprived.

After my Mom’s appointment at Baptist Hospital, we decided to find a deli nearby. My mom was in the mood for some liver and I am incapable of saying no to some lox or a pastrami/corned beef sandwich.

The place was packed when we arrived, but we did not have to wait long for a table (about 10 minutes). Once we sat in our booth, we were immediately attended to (the service was consistently quick).

I struggled with what to order; I was starving and everything looked delicious. I decided to get something I have never had before, the Nova & Onion Scramble, along with an everything bagel and home fries. To drink, I opted for some coffee – I had a lot of holiday related things to accomplish and well, I needed the caffeine.

To start off our meal, we were given pickles and coleslaw. Roasters ‘N Toasters provided us with fresh deli pickles and solid coleslaw – I was in heaven! I had to try really hard not to get too full before my meal!

Pickles and Coleslaw

Once I devoured a safe amount of pickles and coleslaw, I was ready to see and taste my Nova & Onion Scramble. Let’s just say, I was not disappointed. The eggs were nice & fluffy; the nova was abundant & tasty; the home fries were flavorful & crunchy; the bagel was fresh & toasty. I could not finish all of my food, but I tried my best. My mom was stunned as to how much I could fit in my 5ft, 100lb body.

Nova & Onion Scramble with Home Fries
Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese

My Mom was also content with her dish, the Chopped Liver Sandwich. As you can see, it was rather large – she took whatever she did not finish home. I did not try it, mainly because I am not a fan of liver. Trust me, I have tried it multiple times and I still cannot get myself to fancy it.

Chopped Liver Sandwich

Overall, I was happy with this brunch outing. The visit was a success. I found a deli I enjoy in Miami and I took home a dozen bagels to munch on for the next couple of days. The bagels are not of the NY quality, but they were still pretty darn good!

I cannot wait to dine here again.




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