Texas Roadhouse – Better Than I Remember

I went to Texas Roadhouse a couple of nights ago. It was my second time dining in a Texas Roadhouse establishment (1st time in this location, though). I have been wanting to go back for a while now. I used to pass it every day on my way to work and every time I did so, I wondered if it was worth another shot. The first time I dined in one, years ago in an Orlando location, I had a less than stellar experience.

A reality TV star I follow on Instagram is always raving about it, so I felt it was time to give Texas Roadhouse another opportunity to shine.

I went on a Wednesday, a couple of days after Christmas, and it was happening. We sat at a table near the bar; I had a perfect view of the 2018 Gamers’ Choice Awards (I did not even know this existed).

I must add that it is a bit amusing to see this restaurant in Miami. This location has to be the most Cuban Texas Roadhouse in existence.

There is only one thing I genuinely remember about Texas Roadhouse from my last visit (besides, of course, the overall negative vibe I recalled from the outing) and that is the peanuts! They remind me of baseball games.


I started off my Texas Roadhouse experience with a tall glass of Blue Moon and their famous bread rolls. The beer was the perfect temperature (however, it did lack an orange slice). The bread rolls were just as warm and soft as Twitter made them out to be.

Blue Moon and Texas Roadhouse’s famous bread roll

We also ordered an appetizer (not that we needed it). Since we are all indecisive and foodies at heart, we had the Combo Appetizer. The Combo Appetizer came with Boneless Buffalo Wings, along with Rattlesnake Bites and Tater Skins. I think the Boneless Buffalo Wings were my favorite – they had a nice kick to them! The Rattlesnake Bites were also pretty good.

Combo Appetizer

For dinner, I was in between getting the Country Fried Chicken and a Ft. Worth Ribeye. Eventually, I decided on the steak. I, actually, ended up eating my sister’s Country Fried Chicken leftovers the next day (It was good, but I’m glad I had the steak).

Along with my 12 oz. Medium Ribeye, I had sweet potato and corn. My Ribeye was cooked to perfection and topped with onions and mushrooms. I will say, I believe it to be better than Outback and Longhorn. Practically every time we go to Outback or Longhorn, someone’s steak is not cooked in the way they ordered it. This time, at Texas Roadhouse, three of us ordered steak and they were all cooked correctly. Not only that, but they were all seasoned well. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner.

12 oz. Ft. Worth Ribeye with Sweet Potato and Corn

After everything I ate, I was way too full for dessert – maybe next time! I’m glad I gave Texas Roadhouse another chance. I’ll be back soon!




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