Seito Sushi (Sand Lake)

Long time no post…..but, I’m back and I have a lot planned.

I went to Universal Orlando & Disney World last weekend (MLK weekend) – boy, was everything packed.

On Friday night, we opted to avoid the crowds and craziness by going to a restaurant outside of the parks. We were seriously craving sushi, so our research revolved around finding a tasty and enjoyable sushi restaurant that is open late. Due to chemo, my Mom hadn’t had sushi in a while, so this was a special outing.

Seito Sushi (Sand Lake location) had excellent reviews, was nearby our hotel (Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista), and was open until 11PM. After walking around Universal & Islands of Adventure all day, it took us a while to get out of the hotel room for dinner. Although, after glancing at Seito Sushi’s menu, we got up pretty quickly!

Upon arriving, the hostess asked if we had a reservation and that she will have to check if she could sit us down…not sure what that was about, since the restaurant was not entirely packed – there were tables open. We were seated quickly; we did not have to wait.

The place appeared trendy and sophisticated. Check out my VLOG on YouTube to get a feel of the restaurant:

Since it was about 60 degrees out (and I am from Miami), I decided to have some green tea. I didn’t regret it because the kettle was totally instagramable.

Green Tea

For appetizer, we ordered edamame and gyoza. Both were great starters to begin our experience with. The gyoza went quickly and the edamame, well, is always a nice, healthy touch.

Edamame & Gyoza

Now for the sushi rolls….

Let me start off by saying that all of the rolls on the menu looked incredible. It was hard for us to narrow it down to 4 rolls. Eventually, we agreed and all of our selections were hits. They all had something in common; they all had a bit of a kick! The rolls may not have been the best rolls I have ever had (I eat a lot of sushi), but the presentation was 10/10. In my opinion, it was more visually appealing and practical in comparison to the whole boat “thing” (I find them rather tacky).

Ichiban, Yellow Fever, Hadouken, T.N.T Crunch

In the area and a sushi lover? Check out Seito Sushi.




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