Raglan Road – Life and Soul of Ireland in Disney Springs

I have been wanting to go to Raglan Road for a while now. I made the intelligent decision to make a reservation for one of the nights that we would be in Orlando.

We almost didn’t make it. The long wait times at the parks made making our 8:45PM reservation implausible, so I called up – waited a while on hold – and modified the reservation. Instead of 8:45PM, we would be dining at 10PM.

Fun fact: Raglan Road is a “real” Irish pub; it was built in Ireland and shipped overseas before being rebuilt. The restaurant is named after one of the best-known streets in Dublin, Ireland.

To get a feel for the authentic Irish vibes this restaurant emits check out my Disney World Vlog on YouTube:

We were starving, so we tried to get seated earlier but no luck. I mean, there is a lot to do while you wait. They have live music and performances, along with a cute Irish store attached. We got seated a couple minutes after our reservation time. Not sure if the restaurant was short on staff or just disorganized, because the whole seating process was confusing and not an ideal way to begin the Raglan Road experience.

After sitting and ordering drinks and a starter, we were presented with soda bread. I enjoyed the bread (to me, it tasted like oats), especially with the dipping sauce it came with. My sister, witty as always, exclaimed, “thankfully we have a dipping sauce for the bread”. Lets just say, she found the bread rather dry and bland.

Soda Bread
Soda Bread w/ dipping sauce

To drink, I obviously ordered a Guinness. I have been craving it all day! If only I had a dollar for every time we brought up our excitement for when we could finally relax and drink a Guinness at Raglan Road. It had been a long, exhausting day….actually, couple of days (we did do Universal & Islands of Adventure the day before!).


For appetizer, I followed the advice of others on Yelp by ordering the “Dalkey Duo“. The starter includes battered cocktail sausages with a Dalkey mustard dipping sauce. The presentation was adorable and unique. My parents loved the idea; they may now start serving cocktail sausages on forks. I was stunned as to how much sausages the starter included. Along with the sausages on the forks, there was a bowl with more of them.

Dalkey Duo

I looked through a lot pictures and read a lot of reviews on Raglan Road’s dinner options and eventually had to go with my gut. Since I had fish & chips yesterday at The Three Broomsticks, I opted to try the Shepherd’s Pie. Ragland Road has their own special way of making the classic dish and I wanted to try it for myself. It was a lot larger than I expected; I could have shared it with someone else (it would have been wiser to do so). I thought it was delicious; the meat was great and the mashed potatoes were nice and creamy.

Keen Eye For The Shepherd’s Pie

Okay, so the live entertainment must be discussed. We had a blast jamming to the music while enjoying our meal. The lady on the fiddle was incredible! After the music we heard, none of us could say we don’t fancy Irish music. The band even made us forget we were utterly drained from a day at Disney. If you want to hear a snippet of the band’s music, check out the vlog I linked above!

If you are planning on checking out Raglan Road, check out the entertainment schedule. My reservation was at 10PM and the band we heard began playing at 10:30PM; they were a part of The Raglan Road Coalition (young talent straight from Ireland).

Though there’s an abundance of new restaurants to check out at Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney), I hope to visit Raglan Road again.




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