Keto, Dairy-Free Game of Thrones Mother’s Day Cake

Game of Thrones Cake

Since Episode 5 of Game of Throne’s final season and Mother’s Day land on the same day, why not make a cake depicting that joyous (or not so joyous) crossover! Hey, we may see Cersei finally defeated…on mother’s day…..

No joke, I spent a bit of time making this. I made the “iron throne” cake piece beforehand. I shaped aluminum foil into a chair and stand. I got it to stay up with a toothpick and wire (spot it in the middle of the throne). I was also able to make the “swords” stay up by holding them in place with sewing pins. To finish the look, I printed a picture of my mom and made it appear like she is sitting on the throne.

Everyone in my house is on a keto diet, so I had the fun task of figuring out how to make a cake for mother’s day that is conducive to our dietary restrictions.

I used this recipe for the cake. The recipe is from Castaway Kitchen. My Mom has her (Cristina Maria Curp) book and really enjoys it; she has made multiple dishes from it (I think I even made one or two). I made two batches of the cake because I messed up the first time (the cake unfortunately stuck to the pan – I’m sorry, I am not a professional!). I decided to use the cakes that stuck to the pan as decorations (I made healthy cake balls!). I basically rolled up the cake, dipped it in a chocolate sauce I made (this recipe), and sprinkled shredded coconut on them. I also made the Peanut Butter Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs (I doubled the recipe and made a bunch of them) just as a snack since the last time I made them my Mom LOVED them.

Overall, I think the dessert came out great. I am glad that I was able to pull something together that still fit into our diet.

Also, you bet I wore my Game of Thrones House Stark apron while making this cake!

VLOG on the process:




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