Rincon Argentino – Family Owned Restaurant in Coral Gables

Rincon Argentino is a family run restaurant in Coral Gables that has been around over 30 years (it was established in June of 1987 by the Argentine-Italian Miguel De Marziani and family).

We decided to try out this Argentinian restaurant for Mother’s Day since it offered food everyone in our party could enjoy. It was a happening place for dinner yesterday; my sister even coincidentally saw one of her friends from school dining with her family.

The place is without a doubt aesthetically pleasing. It is filled with unique art and has stunning ceiling murals. I was shocked when our server told us that the ceiling art was carved in foam (I know, looks like wood)!

I opted to just drink water, as I was a bit tired from the activities of the day. The restaurant does offer a variety of hard liquors, wine, and beers for those who want, though.

Before ordering, we were brought some bread with butter and white kidney beans. I did not even use the butter. I enjoyed a piece of bread with some white kidney beans.


For appetizer, we each had an empanada. I had a chicken one that was very good and tried a piece of a meat empanada that was also very good. I liked how there was plenty of filling and the pastry was not too thick.

Chicken Empanada

For dinner, we ordered two Parrillada Criollas (which included skirt steak, short rib, picanha, flap steak, chorizo and blood sausage) – 6 of us shared that and we each got our own side dish. My Grandmother got the prime rib, since that is her favorite. As my side dish, I got veggies (green beans and carrots). Since we went on Mother’s Day, they were running out of things they usually would not have (rice, fries, etc. They also had to use a different cut of the short rib for the parrilladas we ordered). The meats were all great; I honestly have no complaints. There was was more than enough food for us.

Parrillada Criolla
Side of Veggies

The service was excellent, especially considering the craziness of Mother’s Day. The only low point was when my Grandmother’s short rib came ridiculously late and she was quite disappointed by the size of it. She said it tasted good but it did not resemble what she thought it would be. Our server apologized and made it up to us by giving us a dessert. The dessert we were given was Mil Hojas and it looked and tasted SINFUL. I only had a bite since dairy does not agree with me.

Mil Hojas

I never do this, but since I had to perk up for the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, I ordered an espresso. Sure I was not able to sleep after, but at least I was awake for Game of Thrones!


I would say this Mother’s Day was, for the most part, a success! Restaurants on Mother’s Day tend to be a let down, but I thought our meal was excellent.




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