Are the Interactive Wands from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Worth it?

Short answer is yes. Although, it really all depends on multiple factors and there are things to think about.

Things to consider:

  1. Will you return? Obviously you do not have to return to enjoy it, but the more you visit – the more use you will get out of it. If you have an annual pass, I think it is a great buy! Even if you don’t, it is still pretty cool – maybe you live nearby or like to go monthly or yearly!

2. When will you return? There are, of course, times when the parks are not as full. You will get more use of your interactive wand when it is less packed. I had great luck at night. No one wants to wait in a line to practice magic….

3. Your age does not matter. Interactive wands are not just for kids. I saw people of all ages enjoying it. Do not feel that you cannot participate if you are not a kid anymore.

4. Your wand will be repaired for FREE. If your wand breaks, no problem. Unlike Ron who had to struggle with a broken wand, you won’t have to. You can take it to the wand shop and they will “repair it”, no questions asked.

5. Storing your wand while at the parks. If you have a cloak, it will make it easier. Lockers help out a lot when it comes to the riding situation. You can stick the wand in your sock/boot while walking around or maybe bring a bag/backpack that will hold it comfortably.

6. Storing your wand while at home. Of course, the box it comes in and then the $1 wand bag help a great deal. You can also always get a wand stand.

6. Get a wand you like and do not already have. For example, I already had Hermione’s wand (non-interactive), so I got Fleur’s as my interactive wand.

7. You will get really cute pictures/videos of your magical skills.

8. The difference between non-interactive and interactive wands is only $6. So, for $6 more you can perform magic at the parks!


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