Tripping Animals Brewing Co. in Doral

I happened upon Tripping Animals Brewing by looking at the maps app on my phone. I knew that there were multiple relatively new breweries in Miami and this one looked like the one to go to. One of the bartenders actually informed me that it had only opened 5 months ago!

Although Tripping Animals Brewing is located in a warehouse in Doral, when entering the establishment you immediately feel like you have teleported to a brewery in Colorado. I will say, it was a pleasant surprise – I got the Colorado vibe without even having to pay the hefty price of a plane ticket.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the selection of beers but they were more than happy to give me samples. I was given 3 to try (a porter, Monkondor, and a sour one that I do not remember). I ended up getting their porter and loved it. Next time around I had the Monkondor and I was also a fan (careful, it is 8.7%). Side note, I was so impressed by all the drawings – I loved looking at them all.


Just a heads up, the brewery is animal friendly. I saw multiple dogs (all well behaved) hanging out.

I do wish there were more tables to sit at (eating gets a bit difficult when lounging on a couch) but I do like the couches and the outside area with the table games. The environment was friendly and communal (not really what I am used to but I liked it). If you go to Tripping Animals, you will see people drinking while playing board games, chatting, playing table games outside, and just having a jolly good time. It was a refreshing experience in comparison to going out to a bar or club on a Friday night.

I was recommended to try the nachos, so I got the Ahi Tuna Nachos. It was HUGE – I came hungry and left satisfied! They did not skimp out on the tuna, as the dish featured huge cubes of it. I was without a doubt gluttonous so yes, you can for sure share this dish with someone else.

Ahi Tuna Nachos

I wanted to mention how cute the wallpaper in the bathroom was. I could not resist taking a selfie!

I arrived at Tripping Animals around 9:10PM and left around 12:30AM yesterday (Friday). When I got there, it was packed but it definitely got busier as time went by. They close at 2AM, so people were naturally still enjoying their time.

I plan on coming back to Tripping Animals Brewing! The beer, environment, and food – all awesome!




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