Lan Pan Asian Cafe – Yummy Lunch Spot Located in Dadeland Station

I stumbled upon Lan Pan Asian Cafe accidentally. I originally went to the Dadeland Station area for Target – I was in search of the Game of Thrones Oreos (unfortunately, I did not find them) but it’s okay, I ordered them online this time!

Although there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the Dadeland area, we opted to give Lan Pan Asian Cafe a try. It has incredible reviews on Yelp (especially in regards to their lunch special and bubble tea) and we were starving (it is conveniently located just below Target).

The restaurant was cute and somewhat compact. At around 2PM it was a happening spot for lunch. Fortunately, we were promptly seated near a painting I really liked. I took a picture of my beautiful mother in front of it.

Lan Pan-Asian Cafe offers a variety of lunch specials – not exactly easy for those of us who are indecisive (ahem, me). A picture on Yelp persuaded me to give the sashimi lunch special a try; I convinced myself it was diet friendly(;

The lunch special is the way to go (the sashimi special was ONLY $10.95) and trust me it will leave you satisfied. All lunch specials include soup, salad, and a California roll (only a $1 extra to substitute white rice for brown rice).

Miso Soup
Sashimi Lunch Special

The Miso Soup was excellent. It had pieces of tofu and seaweed in it. Honestly, it was the best Miso Soup I have had in a hot second. The salad dressing was phenomenal (I wanted to take a gallon of it home with me); it was fresh and just utter perfection. I was actually sad when I finished my salad. The California roll and sashimi were also both really great and refreshing. By the end of my lunch, I was satisfyingly full. I am a bit of a piglet – I finished it ALL. They are lucky I did not lick my plate.

After finishing my lunch, I ordered a green tea with tapioca balls and it sure hit the spot! What is really cool about this place is that they have a section where you can order bubble tea to go (it is actually more of a window that is accessible from outside the restaurant). They work fast; I got my tea immediately after ordering it.

Green Tea with Tapioca Balls

If I am in the area again, I will most definitely come back to Lan Pan Asian Cafe.




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