Pincho’s April Special – Pipo’s Choice Burger

I have been a fan of Pincho (previously known as Pincho Factory) for years now. I have tried several of their burgers and fries. Whenever I came home from college (I was going to school at UCF), it was a tradition for my parents to bring me to Pincho. I was going to Pincho back when it only had ONE location (it would get unbearably packed).

Back when I used to eat cheese, I would religiously order the Fritanga Burger and boy was it the BOMB. I miss the days when my stomach could handle it but I will always remember the way this perfect burger tasted. Although I stay clear of cheese, the burgers at Pincho are still delectable.

College freshman year Caylin devouring a Fritanga Burger and Cajun Fries (October 2014)

Pincho’s email revealing their April burger, Pipo’s Choice Burger, caught my attention and I just had to try it. I actually went to go eat it on April 1st (my apologies for getting around to writing this review so late)! The popular burger is the 2019 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival #BurgerBash winner (I know, pretty impressive!).

The Pipo’s Choice Burger includes an all-natural beef patty, smoked gruyere cheese, fried sweet plantain bits, applewood smoked bacon, grilled onions, potato sticks, and guava ketchup and it is served between two buttery-toasted brioche buns.

I ordered mine without the cheese and it was still delicious (although, I bet it was better with the cheese haha). The 2019 Burger Bash winner is the perfect mix of sweet and salty. I would definitely order it again. There have been times that Pincho’s burger of the month has not exactly nailed it for me but this one was stellar. I left thoroughly satisfied after wolfing it down.

Pipo’s Choice Burger

Until next time Pincho!



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