Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition Opening Day Tradition!

For every year of my life, I have gone to the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition on opening day. This year was no different. I have so much to be thankful for and so many blessings to celebrate, so why not continue the tradition, eat yummy food, and knock back a cold one at Beer:30 Saloon.

Every year the Miami Youth Fair has new additions; during my visit, I was able to spot some! I may be forgetful and not always highly observant, but upon entering the fair I immediately found something new. Since I love pictures and well, great picture spots the giant F-a-(empty space where you stand to make the i)-r in the entrance left a lasting impression. My mom, sister, and I arrived early (close to when it opened – 3PM), therefore there wasn’t a line to take a picture at the Instagram worthy spot. Since social media is a big deal and pictures are necessary to promote a location, this was a bright idea.

I also noticed that the garden area was new. My Mom reminded me that last year they had something different in that area (some jumping thing, I believe). I found the addition of the garden area lively, colorful and relaxing. Surrounding the garden, were a variety of seating areas to relax in.

There were also some changes I was not so happy to see. In the animal area, there were no longer any bunnies (this may have occurred last year as well – I don’t remember). I have always wanted a pet bunny; so every year I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and being overwhelmed by all the cuteness.

Whenever we come on opening day we never ride any rides. We use this day to explore, walk around, see what is new, EAT, and chill while drinking a Blue Moon.

To start off our food experience, we consumed (rather quickly) roast corn. Roast corn is a MUST when you come to the fair. I have tried the corn in a cup that they offer, but it does not compare.

Roast Corn

After the corn, we relaxed at Beer30: Saloon and drank a Blue Moon. I love this beer spot; it has the funkiest furniture! I noticed more beer stands this year, but this one is still my favorite.

Blue Moon

After the beer, it was time for our dinner! The Argentinian stand is one of my favorites. The churrasco is AMAZING. I had a churrasco sandwich and it hit the spot. The bread, the meat, and the chimichurri – everything is good about it.

Churrasco Sandwich

For dessert I had to have the Black Cherry Chip Ice Cream at one of the Polar Bear stands (it is the bomb!!!). I told myself I would stop eating dairy, but I gave in. Life is short and I did not want to have any regrets. To be honest, it was worth it!

Black Cherry Chip

After we were nice and full, we left back home (taking with us some food for my Dad). I hope to back again before the fair bids Miami farewell. If I don’t make it back, it was a lovely opening day. It was a gorgeous day well spent. I truly have so much love for the fair and all the fond memories (and not so fond memories) attached to it.




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