Finka Table and Tap – Delectable, Dependable & Distinctive


Finka Table and Tap is one of my favorite restaurants in Miami; I have been way too many times to count. It is consistently delicious and always a good time. It can best be described as a Cuban, Peruvian, Korean fusion gastropub with a fun, homey atmosphere.

Everything I have tried here has been superb (i.e. Korean Style Brussels Sprouts, Fried Alligator Jalea, Arroz con Pollo Fritters, Tostones Topped w/ Vaca Frita, Spicy Kimchee Fried Rice, Scottish Salmon, Beef Brisket Ravioli, Tuna Poke Bowl, etc.). 

Finka has a long list of creatively satisfying cocktails everyone can enjoy. I used to get the Waka Waka, but they no longer serve it. Being a fresh and hip restaurant, they constantly revamp their menu. Since I am in a period of withdrawal from Game of Thrones (and I will be for some time), I decided to try the Sansa Stark (Fifty Pounds Gin / Fresh Lemon Juice / Spicy Ginger Hibiscus Syrup / Fever Tree Ginger Beer) and I loved it. 


Sansa Stark (Fifty Pounds Gin / Fresh Lemon Juice / Spicy Ginger Hibiscus Syrup / Fever Tree Ginger Beer)


For appetizers, I opted for one of my faves, Tostones Topped w/ Vaca Frita and Mac n’ 3 Cheese.

Tostones Topped w/ Vaca Frita



Mac n’ 3 Cheese


For dinner, I decided to get my favorite dish–Spicy Kimchee Fried Rice w/ Churrasco. This dish is not for everyone, especially if you are not a fan of kimchee. I find it difficult to finish it all in one sitting, so I take the rest home as a treat for the next day.


Spicy Kimchee Fried Rice / Veggies / Water Chestnuts / Fried Egg / Scallions


I highly recommend Finka Table & Tap to everyone. You cannot go wrong with the unique eats, variety of beers on tap, and craft cocktails.


Hours of Operation:

Sunday-Thursday 11:30AM-11PM

Friday-Saturday 11:30AM-12PM


14690 SW 26 StMiami, FL 33175

Phone #:









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