Shoma Bazaar

I went back to the Shoma Bazaar to try some of their other vendors. Last time, I had Ella’s Oyster Bar (which was excellent).

Before getting into the food, let’s talk drinks….I had the Pretty Pebbles, which I did not really care for. The drink was way too sour for my liking.

To eat, my friend had the Fresh Bucatini Pomodoro and Burrata and loved it. If you enjoy pasta, it is a must try.

I was really overwhelmed but ultimately went with my go-to, sushi. The Butter Krab Roll is great once you adjust to the butter (was a bit of a shock for me at first). I also had the DJ Roll, which was recommended to me. I enjoyed it, but it was nothing out of this world.

Dessert was the move tonight, and it definitely did not disappoint. We had a Red Velvet S’more cookie and a slice of Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake – both were sinfully delicious. After devouring all that, I had to roll on home to sleep it off.

Until next time,



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