Ella’s Oyster Bar

I had been meaning to check out Ella’s Oyster Bar and since the Shoma Bazaar at Sanctuary Doral recently opened up – it was the perfect opportunity!

It was a Friday evening, and it was jamming with people. I guess word got out about this new, trendy food hall.

Luckily was able to snag a spot at Ella’s bar area where I had a view of my food being made.

Now if you want a cocktail, you will have to walk to the bar area (don’t worry, very short walk). I was in the mood to be a “Carrie” this evening, so a Cosmo it was (ok, fine, they couldn’t make me an Espresso Martini).

To start, obviously had to try out these famous oysters. I found them to have a good face to them and a good taste.

The Crispy Calamari made the cut as the other starter. I thought they were nice and crispy (loved the sauces), but they were not the best I have ever had.

For dinner, I got their apparently very popular Blackened Minuta Sandwich. I found the fish to be fresh and perfectly cooked. The fries were also incredible – crispy and well flavored!

I really loved this new food hall in Miami. I cannot wait to return!



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