The Lobsta Trap

I tried The Lobsta Trap for the first time and it totally hit the spot. Was it a lobster roll from Boston, no – but that does not mean it was not delicious! As I write this, I seriously want another.

To drink, we had some beers that were rather enjoyable and strong.

For appetizer, we went with the Smoked Wahoo Fish Dip. Presentation was not great – it came in a to-go box – but it was good.

Smoked Wahoo Fish Dip

OK, now for what we came here for…the lobster roll! I had the classic roll and it was delicious. Instead of being a chilled lobster sandwich, it was warm. It had great flavor and satisfied my craving.

Classic Lobster Roll

I cannot wait to go back for a lobster roll!

Until next time,



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