Halloween Horror Nights 30

I have been looking forward to HHN for some time now, and I am so happy I was able to go. I had such an amazing time!

daytime look

I started off the “experience” the right way by getting a Fat Tuesday frozen drink in a souvenir cup. The cup made all the difference. It stayed cool longer and even made it taste better.

Since I am a pass holder, I was able to come into the park early and stay in a holding area until they allowed everyone in the holding areas to go into the haunted houses. I recommend doing your research and choosing your holding area wisely. We waited in the Springfield holding area since it was closest to the two most popular houses – Beetlejuice & The Haunting of Hill House.

Before going into the holding area, we had a nice sit-down lunch at Finnegan’s Bar & Grill. Air conditioning, good beer, and Irish appetizers really hit the spot.

Irish Loaded Chips & Chicken Stingers

I would love to highlight the tribute store, since I enjoy going into it and exploring everything they sell. I usually end up buying something. This time, I got Beetlejuice bucket hats and a vegan skull brownie.

Now, for the haunted houses! We did the three houses we really wanted to do – Beetlejuice, The Haunting of Hill House, and HHN Icons Captured. Two of the other houses we were able to see when we came last year (Revenge of the Tooth Fairy and The Bride of Frankenstein Lives). Out of the houses I saw, Beetlejuice had the best story, but The Haunting of Hill House and HHN Icons Captured were scarier. There was still glass in place, so that helped things not get too scary. I had a great time exploring the haunted houses.

Obviously loved the haunted houses, but the scare zones were even better! I was frightened several times and had a blast walking around taking pictures/videos of everything. I even found some eye candy to take pictures with, haha.

Foodies, there are a lot of yummy themed eats around the park that are must tries. If you are going in a group, I highly recommend getting multiple different things to try.

The brisket grilled cheese was yummy even though it did not have much brisket in it. I also enjoyed the poison tea (the color fit the vibe perfectly).

Stuffed Brisket Grilled Cheese & Poison Tea Party

Next thing we tried was the Field of Screams Gyoza. To me, it was lacking flavor.

Field of Screams Gyoza

My favorite dish was the Roasted Lamb Spit. The portion was generous and it tasted great! I really enjoyed the barbecue sauce and pickles,

Roasted Lamb Spit

The light-up souvenir cups were an excellent addition! You can get it filled with beer/cocktails/etc. – and you get to walk around with light-up drinks, so the scary actors can find you easily.

Now, for the best part – Halloween Nightmare Fuel! This new show features fire, pyro, and aerial performers. I cannot even describe it in a way that will do it justice. I wish this show was around all year round – I would watch it again and again. This show definitely deserves more hype.

Here are some other photos I took from my visit.

After accomplishing everything we wanted to accomplish, we finished off our night at Voodoo Doughnut. I made sure to get doughnuts for the next couple of mornings.

Vegan chocolate glazed, maple bar, coconut, and sprinkles

I had an amazing time. My only complaint is that it went by way too fast. Like always, I cannot wait to return.



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