Harry Potter Inspired Treats For Your Next Marathon

I do a Harry Potter marathon religiously every year and I would not have it any other way (well, I guess I would love to do it more than once a year). Along with doing a Harry Potter marathon, I also like to do Harry Potter Christmas (which I have shared on here before).

This year we completed some Harry Potter 3D puzzles from Costco to complete the “vibe”. I am definitely going to struggle taking these down, because they came out so cute.

I got pjs from Target for $20 that made the marathon more enjoyable and fulfilled my Gryffindor needs.

Harry Potter Inspired treats you need to try:

  • Sorting Hat Hot Chocolate Bombs

This was my first time making these and they were fairly easy and VERY yummy. I highly recommend these, especially around the holidays. I used this recipe as a guide and then dyed the marshmallows in Hogwarts house colors. You can use sprinkles to distinguish them if you do not want a surprise.

  • Butterbeer

I used this recipe. It is super easy to make (minimal ingredients if on a budget or time crunch). I found it very sweet but still good.

  • Harry Potter Birthday Cake

This is obviously very simple and impressive looking! I would 100% make this again and probably make it from scratch this time.

  • Tea Sandwiches

We made egg salad sandwiches, as well as turkey and ham sandwiches. These are great because you can make them beforehand and easily pull them out to eat while watching the movies.

  • Tea & Candy/Sweet Treats

I got the Turkish Delight treats from TJ Maxx and thought they were fitting. Also, nothing screams “English” quite like tea!

  • Overnight French Toast Bake

I used this recipe. It is super easy and convenient when you want to start your marathon early. For breakfast, we also had Harry’s birthday cake and croissants from Aldi (which are incredible).

Got I bit tired when it came to dinner, so we utilized Uber Eats.




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