23 Things I learned at 23 years old

Since I recently had a birthday, a LEAP DAY birthday at that (I turned 6 years old or 24 years old on February 29th), I wanted to share 23 things I learned in the past year. I did this last year when I wrote 22 things I learned while being 22 years old. I got the idea from Taylor Swift’s 30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30.

SO, here it goes – 23 Things I learned at 23:

Don’t fight being a leader.

I have always said that I like being a leader AND a follower. Going through my MBA program has taught me that I have natural leading abilities and I should utilize them. I usually say that I am like Arya (sorry for the Game of Thrones reference) – I strive for adventure rather than ruling but hey, there is nothing wrong with leading/ruling a kingdom! I think I shied away from leading out of fear of failure or feeling like I am not worthy. I am glad that now I know that I can do it.

There is an “idea” and then there is reality.

I can sometimes be dreamy and idealistic (consequence of being a Pisces); it is not always a bad thing, but it is something I have to be aware of. I have a tendency of stating that people often have this “idea” of me that just is not who I am. What I did not realize is that I often have an “idea” of people and when they do not live up to it, I am left disappointed and hurt. I now know that I do this, and I will work on it.

It is great to be open, BUT I must not be afraid to narrow in and go after what I want most.

I love being open minded, but I have used it as a way not to go after what I truly want out of fear of disappointment and rejection. I will continue to be open to new experiences, but I will also strive for what I want. I will say it loud and proud and not dread rejection.

It’s not just school. 

I went into my MBA thinking that I was there just for school and that is it. I found that it has been more than just school. I have made amazing friends along the way.

Letting yourself be happy is the best medicine.

It is wild how beautiful and healthy I feel when I let myself be happy. When I let stress, doubt, and hate creep in, I feel and look awful. There is nothing more beautiful than happiness and smiles!

Advanced movie screenings are where it is at.

I love watching free movies before they come out in my free time. I have saved money and I have had the opportunity to watch movies I would not normally watch. Checkout my YouTube channel for my movie reviews.

Enjoy life. Life is short. It’s not all school/work.

Balance key! I often forget to enjoy life when faced with work/school. I feel so much happier when I take the time to treat myself.

Dolls Kill.

I found this site around my birthday and I am obsessed. I cannot believe I did not know about it before. I had a Lisa Frank/Early 2000s party for my birthday, and I purchased the PERFECT outfit from Dolls Kill for it.

It’s not all about the grade.

There was a time when I would stress tremendously about my grades. I work really hard and it was disheartening at times when my grades did not perfectly reflect it. I always wanted to get 100% and what I have learned is that what you get out of it is more important than the actual grade. I see people get by with minimum effort but eventually, that will not fly.

There’s no age for drama. 

OH, this one hit hard. I thought I was done with all the drama in high school, but I was wrong. Drama is still relevant in grad school and it will continue to be relevant. I learned that it will always be there and not to give it my valuable attention.


Yes, I hopped on the collagen bandwagon! I take it every morning with my coffee/tea. Costco sells Vital Proteins collagen for a great price, if you are interested.

I do NOT have to understand everyone.

I will no longer try to understand everyone because, honestly, I cannot understand everyone – it is not my job to. I try my best to see things from others’ perspectives, but I have learned to accept that I will not understand everyone.

Embrace being a mutable sign. 

One of my favorite qualities is my flexibility. I am able to relate to many people and that is why I have vastly different friends. It does not make me fake or wishy washy. In fact, it makes me open and understanding.

I am more loved than I thought. 

I have often forgotten how loved I am, but I will not anymore.

Work hard but be smart about it.

Like I said before, I work incredibly hard. Throughout my MBA journey, I have learned to be smart about the work I put in – my time is precious.

If you don’t try, you will never know.

Try and try and try again – honestly, there is nothing to lose.

Be spontaneous.

I am such a plan person that I often forget to be spontaneous. I have learned that some of my best moments/experiences are spontaneous.

Sometimes the decision is made for you – accept it, understand why, and move on. 

There are things I cannot control and that is okay. It is best to not dwell on what I cannot change.

Let my positivity shine through but know I don’t always have to be the positive light for everyone.

When I am not my usual positive self, I beat myself up about it. It is okay to not always be Ms. Positivity (and side note, I cannot fix people with said positivity).

Take pictures, post on social, be extra – don’t let yourself be shamed for it.

I am who I am, and I will not apologize for my boomerangs, selfies, and lumee case.

No matter how busy I am, I can still pleasure read.

I was making excuses that I could not pleasure read because of school, but that was a lie – there is always time for the things we love.

Sometimes it’s best not to be truthful. There are things that are better left unsaid.

I am naturally a very honest person, therefor it was difficult for me to realize that there are things I should not share. It can, at times, be selfish to share something with someone at the wrong time. I still stand by that there are things that are unhelpful and unhealthy to share with others. I have been told things that others have said about me and it causes more harm than good.

Sage and crystals and tarot cards, oh my!

I have welcomed my “witchy” side further this past year. I feel so much better when I am tapping into my spiritual self.


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