Redefining *Special*

I always knew I wanted to be special. I mean, who doesn't? It took me a while - 25 years to be exact - to truly grasp the meaning of it. "Special," what does it take to be this and how do you achieve it? Finally, I have come to the realization that I have … Continue reading Redefining *Special*


“You Care too Much” – An Insult from the Envious, Insecure & Passionless

People have tried to insult me by telling my I care too much, as if being passionate is a bad thing. I have been told statements and asked questions like these: "you are only good because you care", "why do you even care?” and even, "get a life". Since when did working hard, being ardent, … Continue reading “You Care too Much” – An Insult from the Envious, Insecure & Passionless

2018 Thanksgiving Meal Plan & Recipes

Last Year – Thanksgiving 2017 What I Wore: This dress belonged to my Mom. I love the combination of colors and vintage feel. Drink: Champagne with cranberries (frozen or fresh – your choice) Appetizers: Pumpkin hummus Recipe: Don't be afraid to play with it. I made it my own by adding rosemary, more cayenne pepper … Continue reading 2018 Thanksgiving Meal Plan & Recipes