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Jaguar Latin-American Kitchen was the first place that introduced me to ceviche and I quite possible could not have chosen a better place to do so. Jaguar has always been ahead of its time – it is a place that seems like it would reside in New York or LA, but shines bright in Miami. I hadn’t been here in over a year and it is still just as delicious as it was the first time I came here.

Unfortunately, they no longer serve their one-of-a-kind Mexican Lasagna, but the owner reassured us that it may return to the menu (as it should).

The restaurant is located in Coco Walk, the once hip and happening spot was dead on a Saturday night. It is surely struggling due to the growth of Brickell, Downtown, and Wynwood.

If you are down for a consistently good and flavorful dinner, Jaguar is the place for you! And if you love ceviche and Peruvian food then it is DEFINITELY for you.


Chips & Salsa




The mix of the plantain chips and the spicy salsa was a combination sent straight from heaven. This is the first time I have seen them include plantain chips, rather than pita chips. We had to ask for extra chips because they are extremely addicting and well, why not!




Large Ceviche Peruano (white fish, lime, red onion, rocoto chile, and corn) & Ceviche Oriental (tuna, ginger, soy, jalapeños, shallots, cilantro, lime, grapeseed oil, avocado, cucumber, and sesame seeds)


The ceviche was just how I remembered it – fresh, abundant, and aesthetically pleasing. I did not let any of it go to waste – I practically licked the plate. Choosing which one I liked more between the two would quite possibly be the end of me; they are different, yet they have a way of complimenting each other.




Mahi-Mahi “A Lo Macho” (Shrimp and calamari, aji amarillo sauce with saffron, brandy and pernod, served with house white rice)


The ahi amarillo sauce was incredible – I could dip just about anything in there and it would taste great. The mahi-mahi was soft and not overcooked. To top things off, the rice was nice and fluffy; somehow restaurants usually get the rice wrong.


Lomo Saltado (Beef tenderloin strips, potatoes, red onions, tomatoes, soy-aji amarillo sauce, served with house rice and topped with a quail egg)


Interesting, the lomo here was made with beef rather than pork – I LOVED it. I have only ever had lomo made with pork (I’m guessing it is a Cuban thing?). Also, notice there is a quail egg at the center of it all. The potatoes were nice and toasty, the tomatoes were really fresh, and again, the rice was cloud-like.


Baja Fish Tacos (Grilled mahi-mahi, slaw, chipotle aioli)


The Baja Fish Tacos were good, just kind of basic. I thought the tacos lacked flavor – the chipotle aioli obviously helped. The portion was pretty large – they did not skimp out on the fish and included 5 tacos, rather than 3.


10/10 I would always recommend Jaguar. I do hope they bring back my favorite dish, though – because you have not lived until you have tried their Mexican Lasagna.




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