El Floridita Seafood Restaurant

I have heard of this restaurant but did not try it out until recently. My first time went so well that I already went back. Both times were a success – filled with full tummies and happy memories. Not only is the food good and service exceptional, but their $10 combo is totally worth it. For $10 you get a soup, main dish with 2 sides, and either a dessert, espresso, or cortadito. You can get a salad for an additional $2 and a glass of wine for $4 (Cabernet or Chardonnay).

I got a glass of Cabernet, since wine goes well with seafood, and hello, only $4 (not the only reasons but you get the point).

For appetizer, the Salmon Tartare is a MUST. It comes with red onions, tomato, celery, cilantro, chives, ginger, soy sauce, natural hot sauce and sesame oil. The Salmon is all natural with no antibiotics or hormones. The second time around, in addition to the Salmon Tartare, we had the Cod Fritters and they were also really good.

Salmon Tartare
Cod Fritters

The $10 combo comes with a soup, which I believe can be the fish soup or the soup of the day (when I went it was chicken). I chose the fish soup both times, since I liked it so much the first time around. It has pieces of fish in it and rice at the bottom.

For my main dish (the first time), I had the blackened Fish Fillet with double veggies. I was not a fan of the blackened style, as it tasted too salty. The second time, I had the Fried Fish Chunks – with veggies and fried sweet plantains – and enjoyed it a great deal. The server brought some tartar sauce and some pink sauce that paired well with the fish.

Fish Fillet w/ double veggies
Fried Fish Chunks with veggies & fried sweet plantains

My sister had the Lobster and Crab Ravioli with garlic sauce. She was not a fan of the sauce with it, but said it was good.

Lobster and Crab Ravioli

Although you can get flan, custard, or bread pudding with the combo, I opted for the espresso (also included). I may or may not have been able to sleep that night….


Writing this has made me want to go back even more. If in Miami, check it out! They have 3 locations – Kendall, Bird Road, & Coral Way.




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