Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co.

I went to Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. recently for the first time (I know, I’m late). The experience was superb and I already cannot wait to go back. When heading over here, I would say it is all in the timing (like in everything, I suppose). It gets pretty packed and parking is no easy task. I went at 7:30PM on a Friday and it was not busy, but at 9PM it got crazy.

Thought this was pretty funny

My beer of choice was the Avenge Me Irish Red (ABV: 4.8% | Classic Irish Red with a hint of caramel and a hint of roast) and it was delicious. What I found wild was how cheap the beer was. It was $3 for 5oz, $6 for 16oz. The Lucky Machete Brown Ale was also pretty good.

A big pro of Lincoln’s Beard is that they have a Tacos and Tattoos food truck. For appetizer, we devoured chips + guacamole and flautas. I did not eat the flautas due to being lactose intolerant, but I was told they were good. I did, however, have the guac and it was how I remembered!

For dinner, I of course went with the tacos. If you are indecisive, picking the style & protein choice for the tacos will not be simple. I definitely had issues deciding what I wanted. I finally decided on a jerk chicken taco on a corn tortilla in the Bien Loca style, a carnitas taco on a corn tortilla in the Bien Loca Style, and a ginger tofu taco on a corn tortilla in the Pastoreado style (no cheese). They were all scrumptious and pretty filling.

I wanted to try their dessert but the line got annoyingly long by the time we were ready for dessert. I guess I will just need to return.

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