Leafy Restaurant in Pembroke Pines

I had been dying to go to Leafy since it opened in July (now that I’m writing it out, it doesn’t seem like so long but whatever). I got there at 2:07PM and there was already a line (it opens at 2PM Wednesday-Sunday). Luckily, the line went quickly and by the time our food/drinks were done we were able to sit at one of the tables. I must warn you that the place is extremely small. Since it was my first time, I wanted to take in the whole experience by dining in.

To drink, I had the matcha with red beans and almond pudding. My Mom and Sister got the Vietnamese coffee with a milk-tea bear. Both were great! The drinks may seem pricey but they come in a large cup with major presentation points (plus the bear topping is only a $1 more). The bear takes a bit to melt and is not very practical, but it is worth it for the picture and experience!

For lunch, I had the pork belly sandwich. It was not like the cuban pork belly I am used to but it had great flavor. All of the ingredients were fresh and flavorful (and there was a bit of a kick). Only critique I would give was that I wanted more pork belly – the bread (although, super soft and delicious) was a bit big for the meat portion. My Sister got the fried sticky rice with pulled pork and thoroughly enjoyed it; I tried it and it also had excellent flavor.

I loved the experience! It was a superb midweek treat.

Plus, checkout my super cute Sailor Moon inspired outfit. Shirt is from Hot Topic. Necklace is from francesca’s. Hair accessory is from TJ Maxx.

Also, don’t forget to wear a mask!


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