Miyako Doral Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

I went out with my pals to Miyako Doral this past Thursday for dinner. My friend chose the restaurant due to its eye-catching Instagram page. I was sold when I saw their Game of Thrones post!

Since I am a beer gal, I ordered a Kirin Ichiban and it was good. Miyako Dorl offers a variety of beer, wine, and cocktail options.

Kirin Ichiban

Before ordering, I reviewed what were popular dishes on Yelp. I was in the mood for more of a filling meal, so I ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap (on Miyako’s website it is mentioned as a best seller).

Dolsot Bibimbap – bed of rice topped with assorted vegetables, fried egg, thinly sliced beef and special sauce

I thought it was good but not the best bibimbap I have had. Let me start with what I liked – how the spicy sauce was given on the side, the thinly cut veggies, the perfectly cooked egg, the crunchy bits of rice, and the taste of the beef. Now what I did not like – the quantity of veggies was low, the beef was a bit chewy and also low in quantity, and there was entirely too much rice.

My friends loved their sushi rolls (they were tasty & abundant) but both said they would order the Dolsot Bibimbap next time.

Overall, it was a nice dinner with solid food. Next time I would love to try Miyako Doral’s sushi.




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