Grove Bay Grill (Previously Known as Scotty’s Landing)

We decided to go to Grove Bay Grill (previously called Scotty’s Landing) to celebrate my Mom’s last day of radiation (yay!). My Mom wanted to go somewhere with a view and seafood (it was Good Friday and we were not supposed to have meat). I have to warn you, it is not easy to find due to all the construction in the area.

We have not been to the restaurant since it had been called Scotty’s Landing. On Yelp, the reviews were pretty good so why not give it a shot?

My beautiful Mom

We though the restaurant would have been more packed during lunchtime but it was not. I am assuming people just cannot locate it! To be completely honest, I was put off by how dirty the menus were. My hand sanitizer had to take up residency on the table with us.

We went for an early happy hour and got some Blue Moons. I say we started the weekend off on a bright note(;

Blue Moon

For appetizer, we ordered smoked fish spread but it never arrived. It was quite disappointing since we were absolutely starving. Our lunch arrived and at that point it was too late for a starter.

For lunch I had the blackened mahi-mahi and shrimp with a house salad. The lettuce was wilted but not totally useless. The mahi-mahi and shrimp had excellent taste. Sure, I was burping up the blackened flavor after ward, but going down it was great.

Blackened Mahi-Mahi & Shrimp with a House Salad

Overall, the experience was all right. It was neither spectacular nor horrific. All the construction puts a downer on the view, along with parking and the ease of finding the restaurant.

On the bright side, once the construction is done, I’m sure Coconut Grove will be great again!




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