Bombay Darbar – Authentic Indian Cuisine in Coconut Grove




The once lively Coconut Grove was deserted on Saturday at 9:30PM, but Bombay Darbar was far from vacant. The place was effervescent and clearly not disturbed by the lack of activity in the area.




Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately reminded of a banquet hall – as if I traveled back in time to freshman year when I was a attending oodles of quinces.


Due to the abundance of positive reviews (739 reviews, 4.5 stars on Yelp and 567 reviews,  4.5 stars on Trip Advisor) and high acclaim attached to the name, we decided to visit for our Saturday festivities. I have never been here before and I love Indian food, so why not?


To Drink



Taj Mahal Premium Lager


Bombay Darbar does in fact have a full bar. I opted to try a beer I have never had before. Taj Mahal Premium Lager is a timeless Indian beer that pairs amazingly well with Indian food. I did not regret my choice.


For Appetizer



Complimentary Papadum

Garlic Naan & Kemanaan

Tandoori Chicken Wings


Paneer Pakora – Indian cheese stuffed with mint chutney, potatoes and batter fried.


The dinner potions are pretty large, so we did not necessarily need all the appetizers, but I am glad we had them. Everything was delicious. Our server recommended the chicken wings; the taste of the seasoned wings paired perfectly with the sweet sauce it came with. The complimentary papadum was addicting; I could not stop munching on it. I’m not supposed to eat cheese, but the stuffed fried cheese was amazing – I was unaware of what was in it, but I loved it


For Dinner



Lamb and flavorful basmati rice cooked with Indian herbs, nuts, raisin and spices.


Sauce that comes with Basmati Rice


Boneless Chicken & sautéed mushroom cooked together in a mild sauce.


Tandoori Chicken Tikka – Succulent pieces of marinated chicken breast grilled in a clay oven.


Lamb Chop Masala – Marinated lamb chops cooked in a sauce made with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, cumin powder, coriander powder and spices.


I had the lamb and basmati rice and oh my gosh – it was incredible. I would say it is probably the best bang for your buck in regards to dinner plates, because of its size. I can throw down, but I could not finish this. I had the pleasure of taking the rest home and boy oh boy do I love leftovers (especially flavorful ones)!


Multiple people in my party had the eye-catching Tandoori Chicken Tikka and loved it. I tried it and it was tasty, but I am glad I stuck with my dish.


Overall, everything we had was scrumptious. The dishes were made to order, the sauces were delightful, the spices were blended perfectly, the service was quick, and the atmosphere was cheerful.


Bombay Darbar served as a great place to be in good company and share yummy eats. I am beyond thankful for health, family, and good Indian fare! I would gladly go back and try something else, or maybe get the same thing, since I loved it so much.





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