No Bond Like The Sister Sign Bond?


In honor of my sister’s 17th birthday, I felt a sudden urge to write about the bond we share. I was struck with a question as I was drafting a caption for her birthday post on Instagram – is there no bond like the sister sign bond?

Ok, bear with me. I have a good example….although, it is in fact fictional. Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore – perhaps the MOST iconic Pisces and Virgo pairing. Websites usually claim that Lorelai is a Pisces and Rory is a Virgo, BUT after digging further they were actually written as a Taurus and a Libra. BUT before you disregard my example, Lauren Graham (Lorelai) is a Pisces (Born March 16th) and Alexis Bledel (Rory) is a Virgo (Born September 16th). No one can deny that they brought a tremendous amount of Pisces and Virgo energy to their respective characters. From Lorelai’s dreamy and creative nature, Rory’s diligence, and the mother-daughter friendship we all loved to watch. So tell me, isn’t the bond between sister signs something special?


I am by no means a savant of astrology. I was a skeptic until recently — actually, It was not that I was a nonbeliever, but more so that I overlooked it. I do not read my horoscope, nor do I take the whole lot of it as entirely factual. Although, I do see the logic in zodiac signs and now there is no turning back.


I happened upon it by mere curiosity. After reading, analyzing, and comparing — I mentioned my interest in it to my sister. She, the logical Virgo that she is, already saw the reasoning behind zodiac signs.


I’m a Pisces and my sister, as I mentioned above, is a Virgo. Realizing that we were in fact sister signs validated my thoughts on the subject. It all started to make sense – our bond, our understanding of each other (and at times misunderstanding), and most importantly, the balance we supply each other with.


I’m not a textbook Pisces, no one is exactly like their sign — I mean, some people may resemble their sign more than others. Anyone that knows my sister can clearly see that she is a Virgo; although, of course, there are ways in which she strays. That is why birth charts are so important; we are too complex to be defined by one sign.


I cannot speak on behalf of other sister signs, but I can speak about the Pisces/Virgo relationship. Virgo (earth) and Pisces (water) are compatible elements that are introverted, emotional, mutable, resilient, and wise. Where Virgo is logical and realistic, Pisces is imaginative and expressive. My sister and I find ways to compliment each other in every respect. For example, she always remembers where I park at the mall and I keep her grounded when it comes to money. She offers logical, rational advice and I remind her to let herself feel and let spirituality in.


Though we differ, we also have several similarities. We both dabble in different artistic and creative ventures: me with writing and acting and her with visual arts. We both love bonding over sleepovers, boys, Netflix, and zodiac signs. But by far the most important similarity is that we are compassionate and loving – we would do anything for those that we care about.


I will forever be grateful to have a sister/best-friend/future-maid-of-honor as a sister sign, as I know, the bond that we share is like no other.


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